We’re Czech. OOPS.

Do you love things that last long? So do we. We turn stories into shapes so they would never be forgotten. Just like every good story has a unique turning point, each of our products has a recognizable twist. Each piece has its own story and its own purpose that should serve people for generations.

OOPS is the eventual outcome of a group of four friends who were meeting and working together on multiple projects since 2015. 

Petr and Stanislav have studied together at the Product Design Studio at UPRUM, Prague and have collaborated on multiple client projects since. Petr and Tomáš have been creating interiors for years and both have a deep understanding of woodwork. Tomáš and Matouš have worked on the strategic level on previous ventures and have established brands focusing on sculpting and interior design.

After 5 years of meetings, storytelling, sharing bold ideas, we said OOPS! We believe in the same values of timeless quality, bold design, and human connection to everyday objects. We need to shape these ideas into tangible. 

Through our products and designs we’d like to pay respect to Czech craft, elevate it on an international level, and bring legendary timeless stories to your attention while pleasing your with minimalistic, yet playful, and extremely thought-through objects. 

We’re OOPS.