We combine what are
others afraid of. OOPS.

We own every step of the production process - whatever the technique. By keeping the quality of the materials at the highest level, we can assure you that every product made by OOPS is ready to stand the test of time. We believe that to keep production sustainable and efficient, one has to respect natural materials. We pay our respect by using most of every piece of wood across our product line.

Whether you have a precise or just a basic idea, what you want, we choose the best technology and process to make it to your satisfaction. If you’d like to talk details, please get in touch with Tomas - our Studio Operations Manager at tomas@byoops.com


The modern way

Do you appreciate precise cuts and fine lines? Our modern studio augments what is humanly possible to create by implementing modern CNC machinery.
We use our studio to create all of our iconic products as well as on-demand custom products.

The traditional way

With great respect for traditional craftsmanship we also operate joiner’s shop, mainly focused on woodwork. We’re used to creating new methods & even tools during the process. Be it a wardrobe or something unheard of, we’re up for the challenge.