We’re feeling a bit nostalgic.



With our subtle stairs inspired by the legendary springboard in Prague, Podolí swimming pool by Richard Podzemný, even reaching for the flour in the back of your top shelf feels a bit adventurous.

Size: 386 x 460mm 
Height: 500mm
Material: ash, oak

A solid wood cabinet dominated by the square shape of the door and rattan weaved which is typicaly and historicaly used as a seat of chair, but in this case twisted to the current form and context of cabinet. 

Size: 2050 x 450mm
Height: 720mm
Material: ash, oak, reed

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 18.09.32.png

Arc is a minimalistic table that puts every gathering at the center of your attention. Its body literally absorbs the legs into the body and the edges were softened for maximum comfort. 

Size: 2000 x 900mm
Height: 760mm
Material: ash, oak


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